Corsair’s first table could be perfect for your gaming or home office setup

Corsair are venturing into new territory and have introduced their first table.  (Image: Corsair)

Corsair are venturing into new territory and have introduced their first table. (Image: Corsair)

Normally, Corsair is a hardware and peripheral manufacturer; The main thing is gaming. But now the American manufacturer is expanding its product range with a table.

That’s right: Corsair will soon be selling a table called Platform:6 aimed specifically at gamers or content creators. But it will certainly offer some advantages for non-players as well.

Corsair Platform:6 – it should be able to do that

In addition to the adjustable height, the table should also be equipped with various other features. You can then supposedly collect them yourself in a configurator. So far, this makes it quite difficult to determine what will be included in the base model.

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According to a press release, it includes dual monitor arms, cable management channels, and a storage compartment that includes USB-C and USB-A charging ports.

Corsair's Platform:6.  (Image: Corsair)

Corsair’s Platform:6. (Image: Corsair)

Probably the most interesting feature is a rail system, which is said to allow new modules to be attached to the table without taking up any more desktop space. For example, 30 x 70 centimeter extensions for the sides to make the 1.82 meter (6 foot) table even wider.

There should also be additional mounting options for controllers, headsets and more. It should also be possible to attach multi-mount accessories from Elgato.

Preis & Release

Unfortunately, Corsair hasn’t revealed the price yet, but the Platform:6 is expected to be released in the last quarter of this year. An exact date is also missing.

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Editorial opinion

Jan Stahnke

The Corsair Platform:6 actually looks like a desk that I would personally put in my room. So far I have waited in vain for an inspiration or a sign, because I would really like to use a height-adjustable table in my home office.

So far, however, there have not been many tables in the direction that I found particularly beautiful. They often look very clinical or are very small. However, my apartment is kept in a dark wood tone and there are always what feels like mountains of odds and ends on my table. That’s where the Platform:6 comes in handy.

In addition, the adjustable height was not worth the price so far. The Platform:6 convinces me both the design and the modular system.

The only disadvantage: The price is still unknown and we can probably brace ourselves for something.

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