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Grab your mining picks and adventure into a sparkling new crystal biome in Core Keeper’s “Shimmering Frontier” update, a major new content update for the popular mining sandbox adventure game, available for download today.

Explore a stunning new environment and discover a shiny new Solarite ore, taking your Core Keeper experience to the next level with powerful new weapons, armor and equipment. Use the powerful new Obliteration Ray, a devastating laser drill that can bore through walls faster than any other device in the game, upgrade your equipment for the first time ever with the build-enhancing Upgrade Station and battle the Atlantic Worm, a colossal new boss lurking deep beneath the sunken sea.

Shimmering Frontier update – New features:

  • New crystal biome – Discover a sparkling new crystal-based biome, the Shimmering Frontier, and uncover exciting secrets about the origins of the Ancients.
  • New ore – Boost your equipment with the shiny new Solarite ore and create a formidable new Solarite-enhanced mining tool, fishing pole, sword and crossbow.
  • Combat Events – Put your combat skills to the test in all-new combat events; Arena-based combat scenarios in which victorious explorers can walk away with impressive rewards.
  • Powerful new equipment – Mining through the underground is now a lot easier with the Hand Drill, a new tool that allows explorers to move and dig at the same time, and the powerful new Obliteration Ray, a destructive laser drill that can drill through walls faster than any other equipment in the game. Want to let in some light? Break through the ceiling above it with the cave-cracking Roofing Gadget.
  • Livestock – Breed cattle to livestock and create your own underground pastures. Discover a brand new type of livestock: the cute turtle kelple.
  • New Upgrade Station – For the first time ever, upgrade your favorite weapons and tools with the brand new Upgrade Station. With a little help from the Upgrade Station, you can make sure your equipment is up to the challenge of the Shimmering Frontier.
  • New weapons, armor and outfits – Plunge into battle with the new Razor Flake, Shard Club and Slime Staff and find more than 50 new armor and equipment, including a Larva Fang necklace that can extract HP from your enemies, and a Trench Jacket to increase your inventory space.
  • New Creatures and Enemies – Keep your eyes peeled for new enemies and creatures roaming along the border, including the crystal-napping Mimite, the creepy crawly Nilipede and the giant Crystal Snails.
  • Huge New Boss – Sail toward the sunken sea to defeat a colossal new optional boss lurking deep beneath the waves: The Atlantic Worm.
  • And much more – Discover new quality of life improvements, including performance optimizations, improved water physics, improved enemy balance, new player customization options, 6 additional Steam achievements and more.
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Winner of “Best Social Game 2022” at the TIGA Games Industry Awards and “Best Debut 2023” at the Swedish Games Awards, and with over 1 million units already sold, Core Keeper is a mining sandbox adventure for 1-8 players set in an ancient cave of creatures, treasures and trinkets. Mine relics and resources to build your base, create new equipment and survive. Defeat giant monsters, discover hidden secrets, grow crops, go fishing, cook new recipes and explore a procedurally generated underground world to unravel the mystery of the ancient core.

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