COO The Sandbox: Alpha Season 4 to host its “first virtual concert

Sebastien Borget, co-founder and COO of The Sandbox - ©

Sebastien Borget, co-founder and COO of The Sandbox – ©

While the major brands offer more and more experiences in The Sandbox, spoke with Sébastien Borgetco-founder and COO of metaverseabout his ambitions for 2023.

Alpha Season after Alpha Season, the world of The Sandbox is enriched by more and more diverse experiences, proposed by artists, brands or even communities of creators. And according to Sébastien Borget, it’s not ready to stop! In addition to NFT Paristhe co-founder of the platform takes stock of the challenges facing the entire ecosystem in the coming months, and his ambitions for The Sandbox.

“We’ll see more and more experiences and contents that will focus on the quality of engagement and simply the fun offered to users, and less on token-related incentives. What engages people is the ability to have fun, explore new things and connect with each other, hence the growing success of the metaverse concept!” he tells Coins.comwhile The Sandbox unveiled on February 14 its new neighborhood Voxel Madnesslocated not far from the one ofUbisoftand is offering 481 new parcels for sale, some of which are located near companies that specialize in entertainment and video games, such as Habbo, Dogami and Dungeon Siege, or that offer gamified experiences, such as Ledger.

The proposed projects are becoming more and more mature, with collections of avatars that can be used as a digital identity, but also as access to quests and additional content, which is all the more engaging, in the manner of what Groupe Casino or Ubisoft offers with Rabbids,” explains Sébastien Borget.

French publisher Ubisoft has just launched this February 22, on the occasion of the Lunar New Year and the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit, a collection of 2066 unique avatars that will allow access to an exclusive game on The Sandbox starting February 28.

More freedom for third-party creators

For The Sandbox, 2023 will be the year when more and more more features will be offered to third-party creators in the ecosystem:

“We work with 200 studios around the world. The success of the metaverse is tied to the success of these third-party players and the experiences they can develop. On our side, our role as a platform is to offer the most diversified creation tools possible, and this year we will add to offer music and video streaming. This year there will be a Alpha Season 4with a first virtual concert “, says Sebastien Borget, while artists like Snoop Dogg and Steve Aoki, or players like Warner Music own LANDs. But these players will no longer be the only ones able to offer experiences to the platform’s users.

The metaverse must be governed by its users. In 2023, we will also allow all LAND owners to propose their experience, manage their monetization and animate their community, including through a DAO. We will become more and more curators of user-generated content,” says the co-founder of The Sandbox.

Defending the creative economy

But if this beginning of year seems promising for The Sandbox, after a Alpha Season 3 successfulNevertheless, Sébastien Borget is worried about the current economic context: “We are in the process of the NFT’s business model is changingWith more and more brands launching free collections in order to explore new uses, especially around loyalty. In addition to this, we must add the match between OpenSea and the Blur platform, which is leading to a reduction and even an abandonment of trading fees and royalties paid to the creators of the collections to understand that their survival is in question in the long run,” he says, asserting that The Sandbox will continue to apply 5% royalties on transactions made on its secondary market.

Alpha Season 3 in figures

98 experiences are offered in total on the platform’s LANDs, some directly by brands. In total, 360,000 users of The Sandbox have tested at least one of them.

The Sandbox’s Alpha Season 3 generated 17 million visits in total, three times more than Season 2. Some branded experiences had over 500,000 visits.

This third season engaged players for an average of 20 minutes per session, for a total of 2.4 million hours of play. 8 million messages were shared during Season 3 by players on the game’s chat, a sign of the social and community engagement mentioned by Sebastien Borget.

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