COITT/AEGITT, in collaboration with UNIVERSITY Esports, organizes the I TELECO Esports Tournament

The Official College of Technical Telecommunication Engineers (COITT) and the Association of Graduates and Technical Telecommunication Engineers (AEGITT), in collaboration with UNIVERSITY Esportsorganize the I TELECO Esports TournamentThe aim of this initiative is to promote the practice of esports among university students of Telecommunications, as well as to create a community, offer services and job opportunities in the gaming and technology sector.

Support from technology and telecommunications companies

The I TELECO Esports Tournament also has the support of State Council of Telecommunication Students (CEET) and that of companies working in the technological and telecommunications field such as Telefónica y NTT Data. This initiative is part of NTT Data’s program of UNIVERSITY Esportsa gaming, educational and technological project that has achieved the participation of more than 4,500 players from all universities in Spain. Globally, it is being developed in 26 countries on 4 continents with 100,000 students from more than 2,000 universities, making it the largest esports competition in the university environment.

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Providing job opportunities

The I TELECO Esports Tournament aims to give students the opportunity to participate in a positive way in the world of video games while studying. In this way, students can get started in college life, in addition to creating an environment in which to take their first steps in the sector: either competing, training for free or approaching the gaming, an industry in constant growth and where have been created about 1,500 job offers in the last which the 40% of employees are under 30 years of age and have an eminently technological profile.

According to multiple studies, the esports ecosystem has increased the participation of professional women in Spain and exceeds the European average (22%), reaching 24.3% of total employment in relation to gender. In general terms, labor market figures in the gaming sector have increased by 10% compared to the previous year, employing nearly 9,000 professionals. In 2025 it is estimated to reach 13,000 employees, becoming one of the largest industries dedicated to entertainment in 2030, in parallel with innovation and new technological advances.

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Registration and Awards

The registration period for the teams that will compete in VALORANTa first-person shooter game developed by Riot Games, will remain open for the first time from January 22 to February 29, 2024.. Four tournaments will be held on Saturdays during the months of March and April. The teams, of between 5 and 7 players, must have at least 3 students of Official Degree in Telecommunication Engineering.

The winning team of each of the four tournaments will win a monetary prize of 250€ to be distributed among the team members. The two finalists of the Playoffs of the I TELECO Esports Tournament will play the final in person in Madrid, on May 3rd. The winning team of the final will obtain a prize pool of 2.000€.

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