Ciprian has visited all 197 countries in the world. The country he would stay in after seeing the world

Ciprian Enea is the Romanian who managed to see all 197 countries of the world. Incredible though it may seem, read below the story of the man who can say he has lived several lives in one.

Very few people know Ciprian Enea’s story, but he can boast that he has seen the whole world. He begins to tell the story of his travels, and how he made his first million dollars, in his book “Diary of a Bohemian Traveller”.

A peppery book with stories of his travels, the adventures he had in each country, with friends or with his wife at the time. About a year ago, Cyprian visited the last country left on his list, the Central African Republic.

It had crossed his mind to travel the world since his childhood, and it took deeper roots when he was still a journalist. Bad neighbourhoods, suspenseful moments, the life of each capital and many other stories, Cyprian can firmly say he has seen it all.

Today he is a travel consultant, but thanks to his travels over the years, taking the Earth far and wide, he has discovered new cultures and places full of history. Two weeks ago, he became the first Romanian to see all 197 countries in the world recognised by the UN.

“The project of seeing all the countries of the world began with the first trip. I was in the 4th grade during the communist era and went with my mother to Budapest. I didn’t realise from the beginning that I wanted to see all the countries of the world. It seemed like a difficult project, with a Romanian passport to get so many visas and to have so much funding to get to so many destinations”, said the “bohemian traveller”.

Ciprian Enea has visited all 197 countries in the world
Ciprian Enenea (Photo personal archive)

The Romanian who visited the 197 countries of the world

Ever since his high school days in the 1990s, the Romanian has been visiting countries such as Turkey, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova, buying goods to sell in Romania and earn pocket money. After working for a travel agency, his travels began to multiply as a result of his job.

“In recent years I’ve tackled tough destinations, destinations you don’t normally go to as a tourist, like Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Chad, Central African Republic. Unfortunately, these destinations are not for fun, they’re not for having fun. They are strictly for discovering another cultural area, another way of life,” said Ciprian Enea.

In recent years, he has travelled with his wife and three children, but in the last 15 years, Ciprian became the first Romanian to visit all 7 Wonders of the World, a list that includes places such as the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal Palace and the ruins of Macchu Pichu.

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Although he didn’t clearly mention which country he would stay in, Cyprian would most likely choose Romania. The explanation is quite simple: having visited 197 UN-recognised countries, he still returns to his homeland every time.

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