Casino comes out May 23 – That’s Gaming

Curve Games and French indie studio Homo Ludens are pleased to announce that their casino-inspired simulation and management game, Blooming Business: Casino, will officially launch on Steam on May 23. Blooming Business: Casino combines the aesthetic feel of 1960s Las Vegas with animal residents, offering a satirical take on the tycoon formula.

Homo Ludens also revealed that a customizable sandbox game mode will be available at launch. Unlike the campaign, when playing the sandbox mode, players can customize casino types, items, decorations and casino games in two ways: creative mode and endless mode. In creative mode, players can play in any casino from the campaign, with everything unlocked, including all items, casino games, decorations and management surveys. In endless mode, players can choose their starting casino and game parameters, but must unlock all bonuses and items from the research trees on their own.

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