Burning Man 2023 was an absolute disaster, and here’s why -.

Burning Man sounds like one of the weirdest festivals you can go to. Essentially, it seems to be a bunch of rich people disappearing into the desert, not for music, but for the “experience. I guess the experience amounts to a lot of drugs, but I’ve never been.

Even if it’s not my cup of tea, it’s clear that people still love Burning Man, and thousands rushed to the Nevada desert despite warnings of extreme rain that had turned the landscape to mush. 70,000 people were stranded by authorities as roads were closed over the weekend and were ordered to ration food and water and stay in their shelters.

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Festival goers described the situation as “apocalyptic. It was reported that one person died, but it seems that everyone else managed to be okay. The roads have recently reopened, allowing people to get out, but over the weekend many have already tried their luck and ended up torturing their vehicles.

Even now that the roads have opened, some are told to stay behind to reduce traffic. The slow-moving train of people leaving Burning Man was captured by Reuters, which stated that people still remained to watch the iconic effigy burn Monday night.

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Fortunately, what was a scary situation ended well for most of the people who attended the festival. Hopefully around this time next year they will think a little more carefully about where they want to go on vacation.

Burning Man 2023 was an absolute disaster, and here's why

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