Brilliant feature: YouTube Premium follows suit

According to a Bitkom survey from 2022, 24 percent of Germans have a subscription to a streaming provider. More than two thirds have two and 29 percent even have three or more.

No sign of subscription fatigue.

But how often have we clicked away the YouTube Premium offer for 12 euros a month? iOS users should think twice about this in the future.

This new feature is a step forward

Most YouTube Premium users probably just want to get rid of the annoying ads, some load videos onto their end devices or use YouTube Music.

That is new: On iOS, 1080p videos are now played at a higher bit rate.

What does that mean? To save bandwidth, videos are compressed, which means their quality suffers. However, premium users now have the opportunity to enjoy videos in 1080p with better quality and for higher data volume.

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Videos simply look better.

What about Android and the web version? They go away empty handed. It’s surprising that iPhone owners are the first to enjoy this feature, but it’s probably only a matter of time before YouTube catches up with the rest.

Premium User as Test Balloon

Last fall, YouTube already tried videos at 2160p and 60 fps among premium customers. The result? Not known. Nevertheless, the provider always lets video test balloons rise behind the payment barrier.

It is therefore conceivable that YouTube will also extend the higher bit rates to other resolutions.

Could these be bait offers? Possible. It cannot be ruled out that YouTube will at some point hide a certain quality factor behind a paywall.

Other new features

iPhone users can now also watch videos together via FaceTime (this has long been possible on Android via the corresponding app). In addition, videos can now be added to queues and premium users can switch between devices while watching a video without having to start over. This applies to Android, iOS and the website.

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YouTube Premium costs 12 euros a month or can be booked for 120 euros a year at a special price. The family variant for up to five users from one household costs 18 euros, students pay 7 euros a month.

Only recently did the video provider have an annoying one Feature removed – to thank its users.

Source: Digital Trends

YouTube Premium lures with a higher bit rate, but only for iOS. Could this tempt you to book the service? Maybe you already own it? If so, because of the advertising that will be eliminated? Or maybe because of YouTube Music, which is included in the subscription? Write us your opinion in the comments.

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