Bitcoin: the US government holds 1% of the supply

The American government owns approximately 200,000 bitcoinsworth more than 5 billion dollars. The digital parts have been seized in various cases.

Uncle Sam is one of the biggest holders of BTCaccording to Wall Street Journalwhich reported on Sunday that U.S. government held a total of 200,000 bitcoins seized from cybercriminals.

Among the major seizures made by the U.S. justice system was the seizure in the Bitfinex with around 94,000 bitcoins confiscated.

According to WSJthe government, which holds the tokens in physical crypto wallets, is in no hurry to sell them. A quick sale would inevitably cause a major stir in the market.

Last spring, the US gave away 9800 of the 51,351 bitcoins linked to the case. Silk Roada darknet marketplace shut down by the FBI in 2013, and announced the forthcoming sale of the remaining 41,500 BTC in 4 lots over the course of this year.

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With its treasure trove of 200,000 BTC, the US government holds more than 1% of the Bitcoin supplywhich currently stands at just over 19.5 million BTC.

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