Beautiful, graceful and talented, but unhappy in love: Adela Marculescu was loved by the public, but had little luck in marriages

Adela Mărculescu is one of the best known actresses on the Capital’s stages, and many film buffs in love with Romanian movies may remember her through the roles she played in films like “Declaration of Love” or “Hello, Great Grandma is landing”.

The artist was born on December 21, 1938, in Aiud, and graduated from the I.L. Caragiale Institute of Theatrical and Cinematographic Arts in Bucharest in 1959, in the class of Professor Alexandru Finți.

In 1964 he was already employed at the National Theatre in Bucharest.

Adela Marculescu – archive image

Adela Marculescu knew from a young age what she wanted to become in life

Adela Mărculescu made her film debut in 1965 in René Clair’s French-Romanian co-production “The Gallant Serbs”, where she starred alongside Jean-Pierre Cassel and Forry Eterle.

Later, he acted in 25 other films, collaborating with Mircea Veroiu (“Hyperion”, 1965), Nicolae Corjos (“Alo, aterizează străbunica”, 1981), Dinu Cocea (“Iancu Jianu, haiducul”, 1980), Gheorghe Turcu (“Cine iubește și lasă”, 1982) or Ion Popescu Gopo (“Galax”, 1983).

Adela Mărculescu spoke about her beginnings in an interview she gave to Formula As magazine: “I was about five years old. And I started my career not as an actress, but as… a ballerina! I was very much encouraged in this debut by my parents, exceptional people!”.

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“I dreamed of becoming a great tragedian. I was convinced it was the only thing for me. I looked with disbelief at all those who told me, as Liviu Ciulei did, that I would be extraordinary in a bulervardier theatre, in a comedy… It’s hard to do comedy. Not only do you have to feel it, taste it and live it yourself, but you have to transmit it beyond the ramp, in the darkness of the hall where hundreds of beings who are not fond of the fake listen to you. It’s harder. I’m talking about good quality comedy.

Especially when life gives you sarcasm, at best tragi-comedy of questionable taste and lots and lots of indifference. And indifference is an artist’s number one enemy. Especially in comedy. I don’t think the saddest is the best comedian. No. The least indifferent. It’s hard to be full of yourself then, and from your too fullness to turn your back on the one before you”, Adela Mărculescu also told the aforementioned publication.

Adela Marculescu – archive image

She had good luck in her career “with the chariot”, but not in her personal life

Adela Marculescu was beautiful, graceful and had what could be catelogue as a “noble air”. However, as far as her love life was concerned, luck was not on her side for long.

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She was married twice, the first time to the director Miron Niculescu, soon after she joined the National Theatre. Asked why she broke up with him, the actress preferred discretion, saying that some things just happen in life.

Later, she was to marry the actor Emerich Schaeffer, known for The Hanged Man’s Forest (1964), The Condemned Castle (1970), Michael the Brave (1971), A Commissioner Accuses (1974), and even The Hostage (1976), but this marriage did not last either, even though the artist would have liked to be able to stay with her beloved actor until the end.

“It was a deep love, with much, much friendship at its core, made to last, it seemed. Times were too troubled and hard to bear for a German born and raised in Romania, with brothers over there. The madness and spell of the West had taken hold of him. He left. I wouldn’t have done it for the world.

What happened out there I don’t know. All I can say is: sick, he came back to the country. We saw each other, we talked, we were happy and sad at the same time. It was the regret of a wasted life,” the actress said of her true love.

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