Bankrupt Canadian Crypto King kidnapped and held for ransom

Aiden Pleterskiself-proclaimed king of the cryptohad promised wonders and wonders to investors and would have squandered their silver. These actions could be at the origin of his kidnapping.

Crypto, your ruthless universe. It’s a scenario that John McAfee had the secret. The facts, however, concern a 23 year old Canadian, Aiden Pleterski. The latter humbly proclaimed himself Crypto King.

The monarch, however, fell from his throne in 2022. Pleterski declared himself bankrupt last August. But he is also accused of defrauding investors, to whom he owes the modest sum of 41.5 million dollars.

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King of Crypto or King of Thieves

Aiden Pleterski had committed to invest the funds to generate returns. In reality, he invested only 670,000 dollars. Nearly $16 million was spent for his personal benefit.

The young trader may have been caught for his misdeeds, however, before the courts intervened. According to court documents, the Canadian was kidnapped and tortured. His kidnapping was reported by Toronto Police in December 2022.

They detained him for about three days, drove him to different parts of southern Ontario, beat him, tortured him, allowed him to make phone calls to only certain people,” testified his father, Dragan Pleterski.

The alleged victim would have contacted Sandeep Gupta, his landlord. The elements communicated to the justice system mention a ransom demand of three million dollars.

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Ransom demanded of 3 million dollars

Was any money paid? It is not known. Aiden Pleterski’s father says his son was released on the condition that he find money quickly to pay his captors. He also had to avoid contact with the police.

According to the young crypto trader’s testimony, his setbacks began in November 2021 with the loss of his entire investments. The digital asset markets were falling sharply at the time.

‘I was trying to get returns that were clearly not achievable or not necessarily possible at the time, and that only added to the losses,’ he justifies.

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