Bad news from Ubisoft for gamers: you won’t be able to enjoy these games anymore, even if you bought them

In a move likely intended to bring generous sums of money to the company’s budget, Ubisoft has made the decision to hit its gamer community hard. No less than 15 games in its portfolio will no longer be playable online or at all.

If you buy games from Ubisoft and think you’ll be able to play them long after you buy them, or even forever, the reality is significantly more complex than it seems at first glance. For many games released less than 10 years ago, the developer has decided to discontinue online support as of September 1, 2022, just a few months from now. If you thought we were only talking about games that a handful of people still get excited about and enjoy today, you’re sadly mistaken. The list even includes games from the Assassin`s Creed series.

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Which Ubisoft games remain up in the air after September 1

In a post on the company’s official blog, the folks at Ubisoft point out that they are “decommissioning” the online services of some of their older games to “focus their resources on delivering great experiences for gamers playing newer, more popular titles.” The penalties that players end up suffering vary quite a bit from title to title, however, even if they only insist on disrupting the online component.

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Basically, some games won’t be playable at all, in others you lose the multiplayer component, while in some cases you’ll lose the ability to download DLC for games you own, even after paying for that privilege. The announcement doesn’t just target PC gamers, but also Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, HTC Vive, Oculus and Wii U owners.

The full list of affected games can be found here, but it’s worth noting that creations such as, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Assassin’s Creed 3, Anno 2070, Space Junkies and more are included. If you want to play the single player campaign missions in Ghost Recon Future Soldier, you’ll need to switch your console to offline mode or disconnect your internet connection, otherwise you won’t be able to play it after September 1.

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