Atlendis, B2B crypto lending protocol, goes V2 on Polygon

Alexis Masseron - Atlendis Labs

Alexis Masseron, CEO and founder of Atlendis Labs

Intended for simplify access to institutional at crypto loansthe DeFi protocol Atlendis benefits from a update. The V2 launched on the mainnet Polygon Welcomes first borrower, Banxawhich opens a liquidity pool.

“Our protocol can be seen as a decentralized credit line marketplace “explained last year the co-founder and CEO of Atlendis Labs, Alexis Masseron. Atlendisit is also a positioning B2B (via KYC) and unsecured loans Or collateralized, as is the norm in DeFi.

But it is now also a version 2. In a statement shared with RoyalsBlue.comthe company announced this Tuesday its launch on the Polygon mainnet. And the V2 protocol hosts a first liquidity pool, created for the needs of a publicly traded company.

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A USDT 2 million liquidity pool for Banxa

The pool is opened by Banxapresented as “the main on-off ramp solution for the Web3 “. It opens with a capacity of $2 million in USDT, Atlendis Labs says.

Through this line of credit DeFithe crypto player plans to exclusively fund its working capital needs driven by “significant growth” in daily trading volumes.

Banxa thus accesses the new features implemented on the Atlendis V2 protocol. Its editor insists in particular on the evolutions brought in terms of protocol customization to allow for tailoring to specific borrower needs and more flexibility for lenders.

More flexibility for lenders and borrowers

By retaining key features such as decentralized rate discovery and NFT positions, Atlendis V2 addresses a broader range of financing use cases, opening up new opportunities to better serve lenders and borrowers,” Atlendis Labs points out.

To meet this goal, the lending protocol allows lenders to more easily exit the committed loan cycle. They no longer need to wait for the end of a loan cycle and the repayment of their position.

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Similarly, borrowers can roll over their loans early, prior to the repayment of their entire loans. The protocol also provides new liquidity pool compliance options, either permissionless pools or pools with Know Your Business (KYB) and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.

Funding for non-crypto-native businesses

Finally, the publisher announces “additional information and a further audit for each borrower of the protocol.” V2 of the protocol was intended to be a “big optimization” of developments conducted since 2021.

But Atlendis Labs was also preparing to create new segments, beyond the credit line. “We can imagine a suite of sub-collateralized products “its founder said last April, citing a first use case around the financing of Opex. The protocol should therefore evolve further.

We continue to improve the Atlendis protocol, simplifying access to DeFi for borrowers and lenders, making financing more accessible for non-crypto-native companies while unlocking new return opportunities for liquidity providers,” commented Alexis Masseron on the release of V2.

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