ASIC maker MicroBT unveils new WhatsMiner

The Chinese firm MicroBT presented from new models from his series of WhatsMiner M50 bitcoin miners. One of them offers a firepower greater than the last Antminer from Bitmain.

During the event Bitcoin2023 in Miami, the founder and owner of MicroBTZuoxing Yang, has unveiled new machines for mining cryptocurrencies based on the SHA-256 algorithm such as Bitcoin.

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The new ASICs include the WhatsMiner M50S++ air-cooled, the M53S++ liquid-cooled and the M56S++ with immersion cooling.

According to a press release, the WhatsMiner M50S++ has a computing power of 150 TH/s for an energy efficiency of 22 d/TH. The M53S++ poster 320 TH/s at 22 J/TH and the M56S++ 230TH/s at 22 J/TH.

According to Yang, the machines WhatsMiner liquid-cooled and immersion-cooled offer a “ stable operation ” and low maintenance costs, while generating low noise. The executive also believes his products will guide bitcoin mining into “a new era defined by environmental friendliness and social responsibility.”

The WhatsMiner M53S++ has more computing power than its rival Antminer XP Hyd Bitmain released last year. The MicroBT machine is nevertheless behind in terms of energy efficiency.

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