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Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment today released a brand new gameplay trailer for Apex Legends: Arsenal, the latest major update for the world-famous shooter.

The trailer shows that players can assume that Arsenal is packed with new content, goodies and, of course, a new Legend. Check below for a detailed overview:

  • The new Legend Ballistic – One of the original participants in the Thunderdome Games who has now said goodbye to retirement. With decades of fighting experience, Ballistic and his arsenal are a formidable opponent. As far as he is concerned, this old hand has learned all the tricks needed to teach his opponents some manners.
  • World’s Edge is recovering – Time heals all wounds, including that of World’s Edge. The lava has cooled and construction workers have made significant repairs. So-called climatizers have changed the landscape, creating new snow banks, less volcano smoke and clearer visibility. Players can also explore the history of the Apex Games at the all-new Apex Games Museum in Fragment East.
  • Weapon Mastery – The new Weapon Mastery system allows Legends to complete difficult challenges in all modes to earn weapon XP. Once players reach certain milestones, they gain access to weapon trials. Rewards for these trials include weapon-specific badges, trackers, a Legendary Banner Frame and Legendary Weapon Pack. Players who master every weapon in the game gain access to special Weapon Master rewards.
  • Firing Range features upgrades -. Practice makes perfect in the updated and greatly expanded Firing Range. So players can start with basic training on Core, as well as try the Duel Pit, Training Grounds and Agility Course to hone their combat and navigation skills. Experiment with the new builds and choose for the first time to run, dodge or engage in combat.
  • Battle Pass rewards of high caliber -. New weapon skins, Legend skins, emotes and more will be added as part of the Battle Pass of Arsenal released May 9.
  • Ranked Updates – More information will be announced on the website tomorrow.
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Apex Legends: Arsenal will be available May 9 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC via the EA app and Steam. Don’t forget to Apex Legends to follow at Twitter, Instagram or YouTube or visit for the latest updates.

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