Apple extends repair program to Mac Mini, iMac and Mac Studio desktop computers

Apple is moving forward with the repair program for its devices, Self-Service Repair. Initially launched with parts only for a few iPhone and MacBook models, Apple is now including parts for its desktop computers powered by M1 processors. At the moment, M2 models are too new to be included in the program, as all are still covered by the manufacturer’s one-year warranty.

Mac users can order replacement parts for their desktop computers

The new Mac computers included in the repair program are the Mac Mini with M1 processor, the Mac Studio computer and the iMac with M1 processor. Along with these, the new Apple Studio Display is also included in the program, and those who need parts for it can order them directly from Apple.

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All of these computers that have now been entered into the repair program also receive detailed manuals on procedures for replacing components that can be ordered, and the tools needed for these operations are available for purchase or rental from Apple.

As with other Mac computers included in this program, Apple wants to offer replacement parts, but not the ability to upgrade, so based on your computer’s serial number, you will only be able to order from Apple the necessary part equivalent to the one you already have. Also, in order to get the lowest possible price for the replacement part, the broken one will have to be sent back to Apple.

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The repair program for these computers and Studio Display is currently only available in the US. Users in Europe will have to wait a while before these parts are listed on their country’s dedicated website. Incidentally, only iPhone models from the iPhone 12 series onwards are currently listed in Europe, no laptops or desktop PCs.

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