Apple announces new full-size HomePod -.

Apple has just announced the new HomePod 2.0, a successor to the original HomePod, which was discontinued two years ago without an upgrade to replace it.

This meant that if you wanted a HomePod, you had to settle for the mini. However, the new HomePod 2.0 seems like a good upgrade from the original model, even if their design is very similar. The newer-generation HomePod has some major new features, including emergency sound recognition (although this will be added in an update in the spring), new sensors and is powered by the S7 chip. It also has support for Matter, which means it can connect to your devices around the house.

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The HomePod 2.0 comes in White and Midnight and features the backlit top surface found on the mini. It looks like some elements have been removed from the original, as the total number of tweeters in the HomePod 2.0 has been reduced from seven to five, and the number of microphones has dropped from six to four.

The price for the HomePod 2.0 puts it at $299, which is $50 less than what the original HomePod was first sold for. Although it should be noted that after some mediocre sales, the figure also dropped to $299.

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Are you excited about the latest HomePod?

Apple announces new full-size HomePod

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