Another Code: Recollection – Two Memories

The origami cranes created by Richard Robbins by folding QR code paper are the collectibles newly introduced in the Nintendo Switch remake of the classic adventure, Another Code: Two Memories. You can find these small items in virtually every room of the Edward Mansion, and you can then scan them with the DAS device’s built-in camera (ZL) to unlock messages.

So, where are the DAS cards this time? In reality, these taps replace the collector’s item from the original game, which contained Richards’ notes and reports, perhaps to avoid confusing players with so many cards (since there are also key cards), or to introduce a more current element of everyday life, such as QR codes.

“Sayoko taught me how to make origami cranes a long time ago. Maybe I should make some and leave them in the mansion, wishing that the deceased may rest in peace.”

But what is more interesting about these messages is that they also add a never-before-read script, a series of detailed reminiscences written by Richard, the father of Ashley Mizuki Robbin, that introduce much more background and knowledge than the brief notes of the original. Moreover, their writing is much richer, making it an enjoyable must-read as fan service…. And even hiding some new references!

  • Warning: Remember that you can’t return to explore the mansion once you’ve descended into the lab in Chapter 6, so you’re better off trying to find and collect the first 12 cranes in earlier chapters. Our advice is that you do this before you go to the basement in Chapter 5, or right after you talk to Jessica at the beginning of that piece. If you do it this way, don’t forget to scan the 12th crane along the way, right before you unlock the secret hatch.

Another Code: Recollection – Two Memories: Where to find all the origami cranes

Look at the pictures below for a better visual reference:

1. My first attempt at woodworking

Where to find the tap: 1st floor, southeast: parlor, on an armchair.

Another Code: Recollection

2. Lawrence Edward, the patriarch

Where to find the tap: 1st floor, east: Butler’s Room, on the dresser.

Another Code: Recollection

3. The landscape across the sea

Where to find the tap: 1st floor, northeast: Art Studio, at the back of the large sea-themed painting.

Another Code: Recollection

4. Affected teddy bear

Where to find the tap: 2nd floor, East: Frannie’s Room. This is perhaps the trickiest because it is well hidden. You have to remove books from the bookshelf where you solved the family doll puzzle to discover it.

Another Code: Recollection

5. Thoughts on my Father as Father

Where to find the tap: 2nd floor, East: Henry & Marie’s Room, behind the old TV, on the windowsill.

Another Code: Recollection

6. Hummingbirds

Where to find the tap: 2nd floor, North-East: Silver Bird Room, on the small table on the wooden platform.

Another Code: Recollection

7. Coffee preferences

Where to find the tap: 1st floor, Northwest: Kitchen, on a barrel.

Another Code: Recollection

8. The life of canned goods

Where to find the tap: 1st floor, West: Dining Room, on the tea tray on the smaller table next to the door.

Another Code: Recollection

9. Unpleasant radio

Where to find the tap: 1st floor, South West: Lounge, behind the bar, between a cup and a bottle.

Another Code: Recollection

10. Changing my mood

Where to find the tap: 2nd floor, west: study and library, in the secret room, on the wooden box, next to the candlestick.

Another Code: Recollection

11. A fan after 60 years

Where to find the tap: 2nd floor, Northwest: Silver Bird Room, on a crate next to the curtains.

Another Code: Recollection

12. Leonard Edward, the musician

Where to find the tap: 2nd floor, North: Lawrence’s Room, under the pillow.

Another Code: Recollection

13. My four philosophies

Where to find the tap: underground: Lab Storage, on a metal shelf.

Another Code: Recollection

14. Genetic memory

Where to find the tap: underground: Cave, on the machine.

Another Code: Recollection

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