An official Minecraft cookbook is on the way

It has become a bit of a trend to see video games get officially licensed cookbooks, but given the huge success of Mojang’s Minecraft and the fact that the game baked a lot of recipes into the actual game, it is a surprise that it has taken so long for the blockbuster sensation to get the cookbook treatment.

Fortunately, that wait is now over, as in a new blog post we get a first look at the Gather, Cook, Eat! Official Cookbook, which is said to be “contains more than 40 recipes for every skill level, from cautious artisans about to make their first Baked Potato Bite to daring adventurers looking to dive headlong into the exact science that is baking with a Buried Treasure Pie.”
It is further explained to add that the cookbook will also offer dishes of all sizes, from main courses to entrees, to desserts and even drinks, and for those who want a taste (literally if you end up cooking it) of the cookbook, two recipes have been shared, and you can find both here.

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