An Ankou will be released Aug. 17 on Steam – That’s Gaming

The makers of Foretales, Alkemi Games, today announced their fast-paced action-roguelike, An Ankou. The game will release on August 17 in Steam Early Access for $4.99/€4.99. Players will soon be able to become a servant of death while exploring, crafting and guiding spirits to their final resting place.

Revealing its public roadmap for the coming year, An Ankou is set to introduce an additional class in Apothecary by August, “Korrigan’s gold” to allow players to loot currency from enemies in September, along with a third additional class called The Nun heading into the fall. By the end of 2023, there will be new weapons, challenging creatures to face and completely new encounters to fight through. Guided by feedback from its player base, Alkemi Games plans to deliver bi-weekly updates on its way to version 1.0.

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