Amazon Prime’s top 10 TV series –

Amazon Prime's top 10 TV series

(10) Homecoming

The Amazon thriller about PTSD and government conspiracies is not easy to watch or particularly time-consuming, but it contains guts, brilliant acting and suspense.

Amazon Prime's top 10 TV series

(9) Fleabag

Neurotic, selfish, foolish, morally ambiguous and destructive, her life and living in central London offers charming comedy in this fantastic sitcom.

Amazon Prime's top 10 TV series

(8) The Underground Railroad

Some drama series feel more grueling to get through than others, and such is the case with Amazon’s acclaimed story (based in part on real events) of American Civil War slaves escaping via an underground railroad. Directed by Oscar-winning Moonlight man Barry Jenkins, this remains one of Amazon’s true gems, even if it hurts at times.

Amazon Prime's top 10 TV series

(7) English

There is jarring hilarity and a mix of humor and sheer darkness in The English, in which a gullibly lost Emily Blunt crosses the Atlantic to avenge her son’s killer in Nebraska. Tight, stylish and well-acted.

Amazon Prime's top 10 TV series

(6) Sneaky Pete

Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston is one of the main creative forces behind the high-quality thriller drama about Marius who, after being released from prison, steals the identity of his former cellmate and more or less insinuates himself into his life.

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Amazon Prime's top 10 TV series

(5) Utopia

Gillian Flynn’s overlooked thriller about a group of young people united by the discovery of a vast conspiracy theory hidden in a popular comic book is as evocative as it is violent – and bizarre.

Amazon Prime's top 10 TV series

(4) The Vast

Born at Syfy but saved by Bezos himself, this series has since really grown with Amazon Prime, making it arguably one of the best sci-fi series of all time. In many ways, The Expanse is a great political drama, steeped in nuance and layers.

Amazon Prime's top 10 TV series

(3) Clarksons Farm

It seemed beforehand that Top Gear guy Clarkson’s Popeye-like failures as a new farmer would be mostly rigged nonsense, but oh how wrong I was. There is a genuine sincerity and something extremely delicate (along with brilliant comedy) in the way Clarkson and Calbe, the farmhand, try to navigate everyday farm life.

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Amazon Prime's top 10 TV series

(2) The Boys

Garth Ennis’ ultra-dark graphic novel about evil superheroes and man’s chronic hunger for power was turned by Amazon Prime into one of the most watchable, violent and entertaining TV series of recent years.

Amazon Prime's top 10 TV series


(1) Invincible

When comic book genius Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead) and Amazon Prime made a TV drama out of the comic book Invincible, few people thought they were making one of the best TV shows ever. Because the story of teenager Mark Grayson and his Superman-like hero to dad is a stylistic study in smart and deep characterization, brilliant political mischief and existential questioning of what makes us human. If you’re only going to watch one Amazon TV show, Invincible is definitely the one to watch.

What are your favorites?

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