Almost 80% of cars sold in Norway are electric. Tesla, the most popular brand

Norway broke a new electric car record in 2022. Nearly 80% of new cars sold in the country were fully electric, making them the “normal” cars. The increase was very high year-on-year, with the total number of electric cars sold in 2021 accounting for “only” 65%.

By 2025, Norway plans to stop selling non-electric cars

According to Reuters year-end report from Norway, 79% of cars sold in the country during 2022 were fully electric. In 2021 plug-in hybrid models accounted for 22% of the market, but in 2022 they dropped to 8.5%, while non-plug-in but still hybrid variants dropped from 6 to 5.4%. The remainder is accounted for by 100% petrol or diesel cars.

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From 2011 to 2022, sales of electric cars in Norway increased from 2.9% to 79.3%, but declines are expected in the near future. That’s because Norway could start taxing these cars after a long period in which their sale was tax-free. Problems are also starting to emerge with charging systems, as each company offering electric charging has its own mobile app through which payment is made.

Efforts to unify charging payment systems could, however, attract other customers to electric cars, who are currently shying away from them precisely because of the extra hassle of charging.

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Tesla is the most popular electric car brand in Norway, with 12.2% of the market, ranking first for the second year in a row. Volkswagen, however, is a close second with 11.6% of total sales. The best-selling car in Norway is the Tesla Model Y.

Norway plans to stop selling cars with internal combustion engines by 2025, becoming a 100% electric car country.

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