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Yesterday EA SPORTS launched Alter Egos – PRIDE in UFC 5, featuring five of the most important competitors in MMA history with playable replays of their careers from PRIDE 33.

Alistair Overeem: The Demolition Man, The Reem, Ubereem – Dutch sensation. Alistair Overeem has had many names and lived many lives in combat sports, and that career-defining success began at PRIDE 33.
Available today, Dec. 12 to 21, in a UFC 296 Fight Week Challenge.

Notable stats:
Light heavyweight
Perk: Predator: Faster movement when advancing or moving sideways.
Stand-up: +1
Accuracy: 96
Head movement: 92
Footwork: 93
Switch position: 99
Kick force: 95
Kick speed: 97
Health: +4
Cardio: 92
Chin: 91
Body: 92
Legs: 94
Cutting resistance: 88

Mauricio “Shogun” Rua: A historic run through the PRIDE Middleweight Grand Prix in 2005 would make “Shogun” a star. At PRIDE 33, he only enhanced his reputation among fans and pundits alike.
Available in a UFC 296 Fight Week Challenge between Dec. 12 and 21.

Notable stats:
Light heavyweight
Perk: Crazy Legs: Roundhouse and switch kicks are faster and more accurate.
Stand-up: +12
Stamping speed: 95
Blocking: 94
Head movement: 91
Footwork: 92
Takedown defense: 89
Kick power: 95
Kick speed: 95
Wrestling: +9
Top control: 90
Base: 96
Clinch-stroke: 95
Clinch control: 94
Health: +12
Cardio: 95
Chin: 95
Body: 92
Legs: 96
Recovery: 96
Cutting resistance: 93

Wanderlei Silva: Becoming one of the most fearsome competitors in a sport like MMA is no easy feat. From his nickname to the iconic pulsing of his training song, to that devilish rolling of his wrists, to the chaos he would cause as soon as the bell rang: play like “The Axe Murderer” from PRIDE 33.
Available today, Dec. 12 through 26, via a Punch Card challenge.

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Notable stats:
Light heavyweight
Perk: Predator: Faster movement when advancing or moving sideways.
Stand-up +15
Stamping speed: 96
Blocking: 90
Head movement: 90
Footwork: 91
Takedown defense: 89
Kick power: 90
Kick speed: 91
Wrestling +9
Eliminations: 84
Upper controls: 89
Lower operation: 86
Basis: 93
Clinch stroke: 99
Clinch control: 96
Health +15
Cardio: 92
Chin: 93
Body: 93
Legs: 94
Recovery: 96
Cutting resistance: 92

Dan Henderson: Dan Henderson, an Olympic wrestler with a sledgehammer in his right hand, made a name for himself in Japan, but would establish a legacy at PRIDE 33.
Available today, Dec. 12 through 19, in the UFC 5 in-game store.

Notable stats:
Light heavyweight
Perk: cut from wood: Incoming damage is less effective if you have less health than the opponent.
Stand-up +24
Stamping speed: 93
Accuracy: 91
Blocking: 92
Footwork: 91
Switch position: 84
Kick power: 89
Kick speed: 89
Wrestling +21
Eliminations: 93
Upper controls: 93
Lower operation: 88
Submission violation: 84
Submission defense: 90
Basis: 98
Clinch control: 94
Health +20
Cardio: 92
Chin: 98
Body: 94
Legs: 91
Recovery: 98
Cutting resistance: 95

Nick Diaz: Nick Diaz’s time in PRIDE was a quick pit stop of one fight. It became instant legend when the older Diaz brother subdued his opponent in an electric moment.
Available in the UFC 5 in-game store from today, Dec. 12 to Jan. 4, 2024.

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Notable stats:
Perk: Nightmare: Improves a hunter’s grapple defense when in a bottom position.
Stand-up +12
Batting power: 88
Kicking speed: 89
Kick power: 85
Footwork: 89
Wrestling +27
Eliminations: 87
Upper controls: 91
Bottom operation: 94
Basis: 90
Clinch stroke: 93
Clinch control: 91
Health +11
Cardio: 98
Body: 89
Legs: 89
Recovery: 96
Cutting resistance: 90

Leon Edwards – Alter Ego Free download until Dec. 19:

Leon Edwards Alter Ego (Trailer: YouTube | X / Twitter): Players can download and play the Leon Edwards Alter Ego – Origins from UFC Fight Night 2015. Players can turn back the clock eight years to experience when Leon’s historic dominance began .

UFC 296 fight week:

UFC 296: A new, unique set of Fight Week Challenges and Fight Picks is available for players to participate in with the chance to earn rewards and UFC tokens.

UFC 5 – New fighters now playable + future roster updates:

UFC 5 launched its first fight drop now that flyweight Amir Albazi and Women’s Strawweight Xiaonan Yan are now playable in UFC 5. Additional UFC fighters will be added to the selection in January and February, including:
Ian Machado Garry
Mike Malott
Charles Jourdain
Mayra Bueno Silva
Prison Almeida
Bryce Mitchell
Maycee Barber
Joe Pyfer

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