Alexandru Tomescu is a guest on ALTCEVA podcast with Adrian Artene

Violinist Alexander Tomescu is guest his Adrian Artene in at podcast ALTCEVA ce va fi broadcast Saturday, 10 September, from with now 19:00.

Alexandru Tomescu a debuted at age from 9 years old as soloist at Orchestra Symphony from Constanta. From the debut or from 1985 to supported over 200 of concerts and recitals in over 30 from countries. A cwon numerous awards national and international at festivals by music classical.

For craftsmanship his, in September 2007, i-a was granted from by state Romanian privilege of sing at famous violin Stradivarius Elder-Voicu 1702 for o period from five years. Violin Stradivarius Elder, used time from four decades from master Ion Voicu, east considered to be one from those May well preserved Instruments Stradivarius.

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Alexandru Tomescu is grandson of the poet Lucian Avramescu.

Follow interview in full with Alexandru Tomescu, Saturday, 10 September, from now 19, just on channel of YouTube Something else with Adrian Artene.

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