Aglaé Ventures invests in the NFT Vibe platform

Vibean American startup that develops a platform allowing to add easily ” of the value and theutility ” to the collections from NFThas lifted 4 million dollars.

Founded in San Francisco, Vibe proposes a no code platform offering the possibility of boosting NFTs. Its product allows to add a real utility to non-fungible tokens by adding various functionalities (loyalty points, ticketing..).

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The start-up has just completed a round of financing from 4 million dollars from several large investors including the crypto fund Alchemythe French VC Aglaé Ventures or the music label P Nation, reports Coindesk.

The real value of NFTs will come from the dynamism and programmability where designers can add unique features to their collections. Until now, they haven’t had a comprehensive tool to organize and customize their collections. Our goal is to simplify the entire process, and we are confident in our mission to move NFTs from images to products,” commented Rachel Chu, Vibe’s CEO.

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