Age of movies made after games: an action movie and Gears of War animated series are coming to Netflix

The move is part of Microsoft’s response to Sony movies and shows. Growing demand for Netflix video game adaptations now includes one of the best-known Xbox franchises. The streaming service is teaming up with series developer The Coalition to produce a Gears of War action movie.

However, there are no details yet for the cast, plot or release date, but Netflix has plans for an adult animated series and the possibility of “more storytelling.”

Gears of War, on Netflix

So the series revolves around the Locust, an aggressive species that nearly destroyed human civilization. The original Gears of War trilogy focuses on veteran Marcus Fenix, but the newer games and spin-offs have focused on his son JD, his ally Baird, and rebel-turned-soldier Kait.

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The Netflix productions give the Microsoft-owned studio a way to keep Gears of War in the spotlight, not to mention spark renewed interest among gamers who have fond memories of Locust. This is also part of Microsoft’s response to Sony’s growing big-screen ambitions, which now include planned Horizon and God of War, as well as movies like Uncharted.

The question, as always, is whether or not the collection of games translates well into a linear video format. While there have been some successes with game-based series, such as Netflix’s League of Legends series, these projects still don’t have a great reputation – even the Halo adaptation got a mixed response. It’s far too early to determine how Gears of War will fare, but it’s safe to say there are plenty of challenges ahead.

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With more than 40 million copies sold, Gears of War is one of the richest and most beloved game saga. A society divided and on the brink of collapse faces total extinction caused byLocausts, a monstrous menace. The Delta Squad, a ragtag team of firefighters led by disgraced Sergeant Marcus Fenix, is now tasked with leading humanity’s last stand. The series has been praised by critics for redefining the tactical third-person shooter genre and has one of the most passionate fan bases in gaming.

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