After the controversy, Ledger decides to open source Recover

Not well received by the crypto community, Recover from Ledger will still be launched, but the code of the functionality will be rendered public. The manufacturer of crypto-wallets indicates a desire to take the path of theopen source.

This Tuesday afternoon, Ledger’s boss returned to the Recover affair, which has been stirring up part of the crypto community over the past week.

First of all, I’d like to apologize for the way this new service was presented. We never meant to surprise you. Maxima culpa. I feel humbled by the community’s reaction. The fact that you care so much really obliges us to always do better in the future”, wrote Pascal Gauthier.

The executive then declared that Ledger Recover was “a indispensable product “for mass adoption. “We need to make self-preservation ever safer and easier to use. If we fail to achieve these two goals, this industry will never evolve,” he explained.

For the sake of transparency, we have decided to make Ledger Recover open source and communicate openly about the future of our open source roadmap,” added Pascal Gauthier, noting that the feature would be launched as soon as the source code was audited.

Ledger had so far demonstrated less transparency on its product codes than some of its rivals.

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Following the announcement of Recovera certain number of Ledger users protested, believing that the interest of a non-custodial wallet was precisely not to give third parties access to private keys.

The CEO invited worried users to use the “passphrase” option, which “prevents anyone from accessing the funds even with the seed phrase”.

At the same time, Ledger’s CTO published the open source roadmap of the company. “Open-sourcing has always been at the heart of our roadmap, and recent events underscore the importance of accelerating our initiative to bring greater verifiability to everything we do at Ledger,” he said.

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