A particularly strong prosumer camera is cheap at Amazon!

It’s not every day that you find a bargain on a Blackmagic camera. But Amazon has just launched a real treat: The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6K Pro, which enabled some unforgettable scenes in Better Call Saul, is currently reduced by 5 percent. Instead of the original price of €2,540.65, you only pay €2,419! There’s also an 18 percent discount on the almost identical G2 model that you now for 1880€ instead of 2,295 euros.

Watch the opening sequence of Season 6, First Episode of Better Call Saul to see what this camera can do. Marshall Adams, the series’ chief cinematographer, confirmed that it was shot entirely on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6K Pro.

A note on equipment: The offer is for the camera body only. You have to buy lenses and other accessories separately. In the scene mentioned, a Rokinon Xeen Prime lens and a DJI RS2 gimbal were used for stabilization.

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What makes the BMPCC 6K Pro special?

You want to film in 6K? No problem with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro! It is a real professional camera, but it is still affordable. At its heart is the 6144 x 3456 Super 35 sensor. It uses an EF mount and as a special extra offers a built-in and motorized ND filter with selectable ND settings for comfortable control of the incoming light. Its super-bright 1500 nit HDR screen makes it ideal for shooting in bright sunlight.

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You get Davinci Resolve for free: Blackmagic includes a lifetime license for Davinci Resolve Studio with each of their cameras, which would otherwise cost you around 300 euros. This video editing program is mostly famous for its color correction power. With the key you will also receive all future updates of the program for free without having to take out a subscription.

Edit with the help of AI! The highlight of the studio version compared to the free version is that you get access to the Neural Engine. With it you can use cool features like AI-based voice isolation, auto rotoscopy and more. By purchasing this camera, you get a complete package to get started professionally in film production!

More leeway with BRAW: It’s worth using Davinci Resolve with the camera as it can record in Blackmagic’s proprietary BRAW format. You can even use it to change your ISO settings in post-production.

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A cheaper option: If you want to save even more, you can check out the slightly cheaper G2 model. It’s almost identical, uses the same sensor but doesn’t have a built-in ND filter. It is currently 18 percent cheaper, so you only pay around €1880 instead of the RRP of €2,295.

To the offer on Amazon

A powerful PC is essential for video production!

In order to be able to create really breathtaking films, you also need a powerful PC, especially if you want to handle 6K files. In this case, a powerful computer with an RTX 4080 could prove useful. You can read how good this graphics card is in the test:

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