A new rival for Tesla: what we know about Fisker PEAR

Fisker is finally ready to share more about the PEAR Project.

The carmaker has started making reservations for PEAR, an urban electric car for five passengers, which will start at $ 29,900.

It’s less than the $ 35,000 starting price for a Tesla Model 3 and well below the $ 37,499 price of the Fisker Ocean SUV. However, you will need to place a $ 250, $ 100 deposit for your second booking and wait until 2024 to receive your car, if you are not willing to wait for the $ 25,000 car Tesla is working on or if you are not passionate about the next Chevrolet Equinox electric car.

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An electric revolution

PEAR, which means “Personal Electric Automotive Revolution”, is the result of a collaboration with Foxconn in which production capacity is as important as technology. Fisker is shy about detail, in addition to promises of more sporty driving features, an intuitive interface, smart storage and a “focus on the latest technology in the industry.”

However, Pear will be built in Ohio with a production rate of at least 250,000 vehicles per year – Fisker and Foxconn are obviously relying on economies of scale to get that price lower than usual.

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There are, however, some important risks.

Fisker will not start producing the Ocean model, its first EV, until November 2022. It is unclear whether that initial model will stimulate enough demand to justify the production levels of the Pear model.

Range, performance and quality are still unknown. Fisker will also have some competition until Pear arrives, and it won’t be surprising if more direct rivals appear from now until 2024.

However, Pear can pave the way for electric cars at an acceptable price for a wider range of consumers.

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