100.000€ for the digitisation of the company. Check for free if you are eligible!

The Ministry of Investment and European Projects will finance through PNRR – Pillar 3 / C9 / i3, about 10,000 companies with up to €100,000 for them to digitise their business. Projects must be submitted between 1 February 2023 and 30 March 2023.

General eligibility conditions

  • The company falls into the SME category
  • The company is established no later than 31.12.2021
  • The company recorded operating profit in 2021

In addition to these main eligibility conditions, there are several secondary eligibility and scoring conditions set out in the call guidelines.

Funding for digitisation through the NRP

20.000 € – 30.000 €

20.000 € – 50.000 €

  • Medium-sized enterprises (

20.000 € – 100.000 €

Co-financing is 10% for all types of beneficiaries.

Check if you are eligible

The Smis® platform has developed an application in which you can check your eligibility for free. More than 200,000 companies have checked their eligibility on the Smis® platform. If you are eligible, you can write your own project using the Smis® platform, through the project writing support application “DIGI-IMM”. Verification is simplified by the partnership with Termene.ro – the best platform with company data.

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8,700 projects have been designed with Smis® in the last year for various funding lines.

1,000 gift licences for entrepreneurs

In the Smis® platform writing the project is FREE. If you want to download documents (attachments) for the application you need a license. The cost of a Smis® licence for project writing is 980 lei + VAT. In the project writing application you easily configure your business plan and funding application and the application automatically generates your business plan and project submission statements.

Smis® in partnership with NOD (Network One Distribution) – Microsoft Partner, offers a GIFT to entrepreneurs, 1,000 licenses for project writing. To benefit from a free license you need to have an account on Smis.ro

Smis application for eligibility and project writing

In the application you will set up your grant application, project budget and business plan. For each budgeted milestone, the application automatically generates your two quotes. You have access to the procedure, updates and official documents, tutorials, courses and exclusive webinars. You also have access to real-time statistics on scores, competition and funding opportunities, as well as project templates.

Join the free Smis webinar on 21 December

Alexandru Picioruș – CEO Smis®, together with Mădălin Timiș – NOD Aademy Manager and Alexandru Băloi – Global Partner Solutions Director, Microsoft Romania, will hold a free webinar on Wednesday 21 December starting at 12:00, about the digitisation programme. More details on Smis.

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NOD & Microsoft support Romanian entrepreneurs for digitalization

Create an account on Smis.ro, check if your company is eligible and request a gift “Smis” license.

Microsoft is one of the leading providers of cloud solutions and services, from the already classic productivity and collaboration solutions to complex IaaS or PaaS solutions that allow companies to access the best technologies with minimal financial effort.

Microsoft 365 is a productivity suite that combines access to classic Office applications with the powerful collaboration tools available in Microsoft Teams and advanced security features. These components enable users to create rich content, host online meetings, and collaborate in real time, no matter where they are. Microsoft 365 provides all the tools an employee needs in the digital age, supports productivity and fosters collaboration across the enterprise, and is the foundation on which any organisation’s digital transformation is built.

Network One Distribution is a 100% Romanian-owned company with a turnover of more than 385 million Euro in 2021. It is the largest technology distributor in Romania, with 19 years of experience in the distribution market, a team of over 400 professionals, a national network of specialized partners and over 180 brands in its portfolio. NOD’s mission, through its ecosystem of partners, is to contribute to the development of society and the local economy, providing the public and private business environment with a complete portfolio of solutions, know-how and skills for an integrated management of modernization processes through technology.

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