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Theft of customer data at the crypto lender Celsius


Celsius was a victim of a data breach. The lender crypto indicates that pirates have obtained e-mails from its customers via the system of distribution of electronic mail Customer.io.

Already in deep trouble, the crypto lending platform Celsius is also a victim of a data breach. In an email sent to its customers on Thursday, the company says that a “ third-party email delivery system “allowed hackers to access the emails of a number of his users.

We were recently informed by our provider Customer.io that one of their employees accessed a list of Celsius customer email addresses held on their platform and those transferred to a third party,” Celsius wrote in its email.

The crypto lender believes that the data theft does not present “ not high risk “However, it considers the incident to be “a serious violation supplier-customer relationship”.

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Last month, the giant OpenSea also suffered a data leak related to the Customer.io service. The famous NFT marketplace explained that an employee of Customer.io had abused his position to download and disclose his email addresses to a third party.

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