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NFT: Tiffany jeweler presents CryptoPunks pendants at 30 ETH


The luxury brand Tiffany & co proposes to the holders of NFT CryptoPunks to acquire a personalized necklace of their avatars and its digital equivalent. Advertised price: 30 ETH unit.

The NFT Bored Ape inspired various luxury brands, which have since launched their own non-fungible token collections. Tiffany & Co found its inspiration in another iconic collection: the CryptoPunks (property of Yuga Labs).

In April, the jeweler produced a unique edition ofa pendant reproducing the CryptoPunk #3167. This choice was not a coincidence. This NFT is the property of its vice president of products and communication, Alexandre Arnault.

The NFTiff, chips and necklaces of luxury

The brand Tiffany & Co has decided to replicate this operation, this time targeting consumers, but not just any consumers. The company is specifically targeting NFT CryptoPunk holders.

The latter have the possibility, until August 12, to transform their token into a personalized pendantdirectly inspired by their avatar. They will also receive a digital edition of the physical item.

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Tiffany & Co, like other companies, is thus bridging the gap between physical and virtual “by converting the 87 attributes and 159 colors that appear in the 10,000 NFT CryptoPunk collection into the most similar gemstone or enamel color.”

A total of 250 NFTiff passes are offered for sale. And each buyer can claim up to three of these tickets. However, it will cost them 30 ETH the unit. This represents at the current ether rate a little more than 50.000 dollars.

For such a price, however, the jeweler specifies that each pendant “will use at least 30 precious stones and/or diamonds,” including sapphires, amethysts and spinels. Tiffany combines codes of luxury and the world of NFT.

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CryptoPunk token collectors can now place an order and reserve the digital equivalent of their necklace in the form of an Ethereum NFT at the same time.

The jewelry brand is reporting that the luxury necklaces will be delivered in early 2023. Its digital equivalent, meanwhile, will be available “once the final rendering is complete in the form of a standalone custom NFT.”

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