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Author: lukegoosen

Website Administrator — Lifelong Royals fan, Longtime sufferer. Living in Central Missouri for my entire life, I once had a choice between the Blue team and the Red team, having chose the Blue. This has been a test of loyalty, but one I hopefully feel will be rewarded someday (Yes!). Starting Royals Blue was a way to provide an outlet for frustration, and hopefully will also be a place to share celebration (It happened. Woohoo!). Can be reached for all inquiries via email at lukegoosen@gmail.com









Author: KCSportsNation

Royals Blue is proud to partner with kcsportsnation, and we encourage all KC Sports fans to head over to KC Sports Nation to get more of your local sports news







Author: Walker

I am a prodigal son returning home after 7 years in paradise.







Author: Aaron Todd

I am a born and bred Royals fan now living in Oklahoma City. The greatest moments of my life (in order of awesomeness) are: my wedding day, the birthdays of my children, and Game 6 of the 2014 World Series. By day I am a youth minister and by night I am an aspiring writer and journalist. I would eat Chinese food for every meal if it was socially acceptable. Follow me on Twitter at @ATodd275






Author: Ryan Landreth

Sophomore at MidAmerica Nazarene University. Host of Inside the Paint and Roughing the Kicker podcasts about NCAAB and the NFL. Writer for RoyalsBlue and Around the Diamond in baseball season. I love James Shields.









Author: Sarah Davis

Just an average high school girl with an addiction to the Kansas City Royals. I also aspire to be in the sports entertainment industry, so hopefully I'll get there.












Jake Becker

Author: Jake Becker

23 years old, lifelong Royals fan. Lover of all things sports, and Rex Hudler's biggest fan.





  1. Hi guys,

    I've been a lifelong KC fan, especially through their rough years in the late 90's. Your current series (good players on bad teams) has been a fun trip back memory lane. My favorite player from those days was Jeff King (Mike Sweeney being second). He put up some great numbers in KC (28 HR 112 RBI in '97, 24 HR 93 RBI in '99) before abrubtly retiring. It would be fun to see you guys do a piece on him. He was arguably their best player in those years. In addition to his offensive numbers he was an outstanding first baseman and statistically should have won the gold glove in '97. He was quiet and just did his job. I think that is why I admired him.

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