Baseball’s impact on the day of 9/11

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On the day of the terrorist attack, the Yankees were to face the Boston Red Sox. The Yankees and the Red Sox are one of the biggest rivals in the game of baseball. Due to the attack, the game between New York and Boston was postponed. When baseball returned, fans from New York and Boston came together as one to watch President Bush throw out the first pitch. Although the game of baseball united the country and the city of New York, New Yorkers were still filled with emotions during the game. The Mets were in action that same day against the Atlanta Braves. While the game of baseball united our country during those hard times, the home run hit by Mets catcher Mike Piazza brought a smile throughout the city of New York. As fans were roaring throughout the stadium and city of New York, Yankees and Mets players were walking into their locker rooms with heavy hearts as they comforted firefighters and families that lost loved ones on the day of the attack. Now twenty years later, teams from across the league join people from across the country to remember the attack with the national anthem, patriotic symbols on player’s jerseys, and the game of baseball itself.

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