Royals are built on speed

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The Royals this past offseason and early into spring training have been busy adding free agents, but not just any free agents. The Royals have added multiple free agents that have speed, just like the Chiefs, but probably not to that exact extent. Those two players are Michael A Taylor and Jarrod Dyson signed to one-year deals. Taylor and Dyson will join a team that has speed already in the lineup in Whit Merrifield and Adalberto Mondesi. I believe with these additions to the team, Royals fans can expect to see the Royals play a combination of power and a bit of small ball. While this seems obvious, I don’t expect this lineup to be the Royals’ biggest threat in the American League Central. I believe their starting rotation will carry this team to victory. With the rotation being the backbone of the team, the pitchers will rely on great defensive play, and that’s where great speed comes into play for a team like the Royals. Unlike past Royals teams, I think we should expect them to steal lots of bases in 2021 and make incredible defensive plays. It’s also important to point out that not only do the Royals have speed in the big leagues, but they also have it in the minors in Bubba Starling, Nick Heath, Lucius Fox and Jeison Guzman. The 2021 season will be a very interesting year for a Kansas City team that is hoping to sneak into a postseason position. I don’t think the Royals will allow these signings to go to waste this season whether they make the playoffs or not. If the team does make the playoffs, they will succeed the same way they did during their postseason runs in 2014 and 2015—with speed. Although every team’s goal is to reach the postseason, the Royals could still benefit this season even if they don’t reach the postseason. The Royals could continue to build the farm system in 2021. Kansas City would have the opportunity to trade players like Dyson and Taylor to teams that are looking to add speed to their bench for a potential postseason season run for a few prospects that could help the Royals long term.

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