Mondesi extension could hurt Royals long term

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The Royals have recently signed third baseman Hunter Dozier to a four-year contract extension. I believe the Dozier signing is the start of many potential extensions on the horizon including shortstop Adalberto Mondesi.  The Royals have two years of arbitration control on Mondesi after the 2021 season. This means the Royals don’t have to get an extension done with Mondesi immediately, but I know they would like to get one done. Recently, the Royals and Mondesi have discussed a potential extension. Some people believe the Royals should sign him to a five-year contract extension for about $80 million dollars. While the talks of a potential Mondesi contract extension sound like a great idea to many Royals fans, to me on the other hand I think they need to be really careful about giving him a contract extension. While Mondesi has potential to be a superstar for the Royals, they shouldn’t go nuts on the length of the deal due to his injury history along with his lack of arm strength. This also makes me think they should consider moving Mondesi to second base in the near future and move Bobby Witt Jr to shortstop. In terms of a potential extension for Mondesi, I think they should give him the maximum of a three-year deal. In my opinion, I believe the Royals should look at a three-year deal worth about $25 million with a club option for the shortstop. While an extension for Mondesi is in the works and will probably be longer than three years, I believe the Royals should really consider his injury history and his long term potential before handing him a contract extension for a hefty amount of cash. Regardless of what the Royals do with the Mondesi contract situation, I think they will be competitive and maybe even a playoff contender with stars like Salvador Perez, Hunter Dozier, Brady Singer and Bobby Witt Jr in 2021 and beyond.

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