Should the Royals extend Duffy?

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The Royals have a few players that are eligible for contract extensions in 2021, including Danny Duffy and Brad Keller. However, Keller has two years of arbitration remaining on his contract after the 2021 season. With that in mind, the Royals need to consider giving Danny Duffy a contract extension. This would be the second contract extension for Duffy in his career. While I believe Duffy needs a contract extension from the Royals, I am in favor of a short-term contract. I believe Duffy deserves a contract after the past two seasons with the Royals. Duffy has never posted a season ERA above 5.00 in the big leagues. While his stats are ok, they aren’t great. I believe the Royals have great pitchers coming up through the minors in Asa Lacy, Jackson Kowar and others. With the way the 2020 season went, I believe that their development will be delayed by a year or two causing the Royals to have to wait on some of their pitching prospects to come to the major leagues. With that in mind, I believe the Royals should consider extending Danny Duffy. While I think the Royals should extend Duffy, I don’t believe it should be a long-term deal. I believe the Royals could sign Duffy to a one or two-year contract extension for a reasonable price. It’s important to remember that while I am open to the Royals giving Duffy a contract extension, this doesn’t mean he will remain in the starting rotation. If a pitching prospect is ready to come to the majors, I believe the Royals could bump Duffy down in the rotation, or put him in a bullpen role for the near future and beyond. There is also a chance the Royals might try to trade Duffy during the 2021 trade deadline. However, I don’t believe he will have too much trade value for the Royals, but we will have to see how things play out in 2021.

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