Minor could have a major impact for KC!

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Do you remember the name Mike Minor? If you are a Royals fan, you probably do. In 2016 the Royals signed Minor to a two year deal worth $7.25 million. The deal included a club option for the 2018 season. The option was declined as we all know. After his time with the Royals, Minor signed a three-year deal with the Texas Rangers. The deal worked out in the Rangers favor. In 2019, Minor posted an incredible 2.40 ERA in his first 17 starts. After the 2019 season, Minor finished eighth in the American League Cy Young Award voting. Despite his incredible showing, Minor’s stay in Texas didn’t last. During the crazy 2020 trade deadline, the Rangers shipped Minor to the Athletics for two young prospects in outfielder Marcus Smith and infielder Dustin Harris. After being traded to the Athletics, Minor’s world fell apart. During his short time with the Athletics, Minor posted a 5.56 ERA in 12 games. Minor ended his tenure with the Athletics with a 1-6 record with 62 strikeouts in 56.2 innings pitched. With the stats between the Rangers and the Athletics in 2020, I believe the Royals should consider bringing him back into the mix. The Royals are looking for a starting pitcher and a bullpen arm or two. I believe Minor could solve the Royals starting pitching needs, or bullpen needs, depending on how they would choose to use him. Since the beginning of the off-season, sources surrounding the Royals have said the Royals have multiple players eligible for contract extensions and possible arbitration cases. With possible extensions in the near future, the Royals are most likely looking to add cheap additions. This off-season the Royals are considering bringing back veteran pitchers Greg Holland and Ian Kennedy. Why not add Minor into that mix? I believe Minor is right in the Royals price range. What would a Minor deal look like? With Minor being 32-years old, and having a down year in 2020, I believe he could land a one-year deal. According to mlbtraderumors.com, they project him to get a one-year deal worth $6 million with the Angels. I think the Royals could add Minor on a slightly cheaper deal than mlbtraderumors.com‘s projection. I think the Royals could get Minor on a one-year deal for about $3-4 million, or maybe slightly more. With that price range in mind, I think the Royals could find a trade partner during the trade deadline next season and get a prospect with some upside. This will all depend on how the dominoes fall for the Royals this off-season.

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