Hector Rondon could be a surprising Royals target

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The Royals have been shopping for bullpen arms all off-season. I believe Hector Rondon could be a pitcher the Royals could target. I know what most of you are probably thinking, how could he be a Royals target? Its really quite simple—the free agent market is moving very slow this off-season. As baseball fans, it sucks to watch the market move this slow; but a slow market could work out in the Royals favor. With that being said, I believe the Royals have an opportunity to land free agents on team friendly deals that they usually wouldn’t try to land during a “rebuild.” However, Royals general manger Dayton Moore said the team is hoping to compete in 2021. Unfortunately, I don’t think the Royals are quite there yet, but I hope I am wrong. I think the Royals could land Rondon on a contract like the Diamondbacks gave him last season—one year deal worth $3 million. I think the Royals could afford that, or thanks to his down year in 2020, they could maybe even get him on a minor league contract. I think it is more likely that he lands a minor league deal this winter with the way he pitched last season and the pace free agency is going so far this off-season. Rondon will be 33 heading into 2021. I believe that could play a role on what type of contract he will get this off-season.  Where would Rondon fit in the Royals bullpen? I think Rondon could take Holland’s spot in the pen if the Royals decide to move on from Holland. I have a good feeling the Royals could bring back Holland in 2021. I could possibly see the Royals putting Rondon in a young guy’s spot like Scott Blewett or Jake Newberry if they struggle in spring training. I believe the Royals will be looking for bullpen arms that they could possibly flip at the trade deadline in July. I wouldn’t be shocked if the Royals targeted Rondon in free agency this off-season along with other bullpen arms. If the Royals do sign Rodon, I think he could be a good reclamation project that could help the Royals in 2021 and maybe even 2022 when they are supposed to be a potential playoff threat in the American League.

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