Could Cam Bedrosian fit in the Royals’ plans?

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The Royals are looking for pitchers with multiple arbitration years remaining on their contacts. The Royals are also looking to get younger in the near future. In 2021, however,  I believe their bullpen will be a mix of young and veteran arms; but, I believe Cam Bedrosian is an exception. Bedrosian is heading into his final year of arbitration eligibility. I believe the Royals will consider giving him a look this off-season. I realize the right hander isn’t a big name on the market, but I believe that could be good for the Royals. It always seems like the Royals are able to find players that fly under the radar on the free agent market. That may just be me though. Last season, I think Bedrosian had a good year with the Angels. However, he did only appear in 11 games. In those 11 games he posted a 2.45 ERA with 11 strikeouts. In 2019, he appeared in 59 games for Los Angeles: and during those 59 games, he had a decent season in my opinion with a 3.23 ERA. The 29-year old is projected to earn $3 million in 2021 according to I believe the Royals could afford that price, or even talk Bedrosian down on the price slightly. I am not saying the righty is in the Royals long-term plans, but I do think he could fit in their plans for 2021, and maybe even the 2022 season. Unfortunately, I am not sure if right hander is a target for the Royals this off-season, but if he is, I think he could help the Royals bullpen. According to, Bedrosian is projected to pitch in 39 innings with 37 strikeouts and a 4.15 ERA. I believe that Bedrosian would fit right in the middle of the bullpen for the Royals. Regardless if the Royals sign him or not, I do expect them to shop the free agent market for a veteran starter and a bullpen arm or two. 

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