A potential Jorge Soler contract extension

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The Royals have multiple players that are eligible for contract extensions including Jorge Soler. I’m guessing many Royals fans would love to see Soler sign a long-term contract. Believe me, I would too, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. After the 2021 season, Soler is a free agent. I believe the Royals could sign him to a multi-year contract. In fact, I think the Royals should give him a three year contract extension. The contract would most likely include a mutual option for the fourth season. A three year deal might seem a bit short to many fans; but I want fans to remember that Soler is primarily a designated hitter, and he will be 29 heading into next season.  I also believe his injury history will have an impact on his next contract. This contract won’t be cheap for the Royals; however, I believe with the new ownership group, the Royals will be able to open their wallets a little more than they could in the past. I believe it’s important to keep in mind that Soler isn’t the only player that could get an extension this off-season. In fact, I believe his contract could be one of the cheaper ones the Royals hand out this off-season. Although the Royals would like to give Soler a contract extension, I don’t think he should be their top priority when it comes to contract extensions. I believe Salvador Perez will be the Royals top priority. I believe Perez could get a bigger contract than Soler as well. When it comes to Salvy’s potential contract, I think he could land a six year deal worth about $85-90 million. This contract would make Perez 37 years old at the end of the deal making him a Royals icon. I believe during the life of the contract Perez could transition into a full time designated hitter later into the contract. Despite the Royals potential expensive off-season, I think the Royals will be able to sign Dozier, Soler, and Perez all to contract extensions. I believe we could see the Royals play competitive baseball again heading into the 2021 season and beyond, if they sign their key players to long-term contracts.

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