Reclamation Project: Addison Reed

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The Royals might bring in one or two relievers in 2021. I believe Addison Reed would fit the bill. Back in 2018, Reed signed a two-year deal worth $16.75 million with the Minnesota Twins. Before signing his deal with the Twins, Reed was a member of the New York Mets’ 2015 World Series team. During his time with the Twins, Reed posted a 4.50 ERA in 56 innings. Reed, in my opinion, had a decent season in 2018. However, the next season, Reed had a rough year with the Twins. He posted an awful 14.40 ERA in only five innings pitched. Other than that, Reed has had a decent career to this point.  Unfortunately, in 2019, Reed was released by the Twins. In 2020, Reed has gone unsigned. Despite not playing in 2020, I still believe Reed could be a good addition to the Royals bullpen. With Reed not playing in 2020, I believe his free agent asking price in 2021 will be right in the Royals’ ballpark when it comes to free agent signings. With Royals having a few players that are eligible for contract extensions, they might be looking to add an arm to the pen to go with Scott Barlow, Josh Staumont, Kyle Zimmer, Jake Newberry, and a few others that are on team friendly contracts. I believe Addison Reed could bring that to the Royals. What would Reed’s contract look like you might ask? With Reed being just 31 years old, I believe he might have one or two good years left in his arm. I believe the Royals could get Reed on a one-year deal worth $3 or $4 million dollars. Unfortunately, I don’t think Reed would bring any trade value to the table for the Royals; but at the same time, he has pitched in a World Series. So, we will have to see what would happen if the Royals brought in Reed for the 2021 season.

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