Singer makes his name known to MLB

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After being drafted by the Royals in 2018, Brady Singer has been dominant.
As most of you know, prospects usually go through their team’s entire minor league system before being called up to the majors, but not Singer. Singer didn’t have to play in Omaha. This could have something to do with COVID-19. And, yes, I am getting tired of talking about the virus too. Let’s be thankful that we have baseball back. Now back to Singer. Singer’s major league debut probably didn’t go as planned for him or the Royals. Every player would probably love to have their families at their major league debut. I can assume that the Royals and Singer are happy about how his major league debut went. I know I like what I saw. Seven strikeouts is good for any big league pitcher, but it’s amazing for a rookie’s big league debut. His second big league start went great as well, but not as great as his first major league start. The Royals future looks bright, especially the pitching side of things. Remember, Singer has only made two starts so far this season, but he has definitely shown he can handle big league hitting. The truth is that he might have looked good in his two starts, but the league will adjust to him. The league adjusts to most big league pitchers. The real question for the Royals and Singer is can he adjust to the big leagues this early in his career?
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