Royals Swap Hill For Cordero and Bolaños

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(K.C. Alfred/The San Diego Union-Tribune)

Last night the Royals made a move! And a fairly big one at that. The Royals traded LHP Tim Hill for OF Franchy Cordero and RHP Ronald Bolaños. Both will be added to the 40 man roster immediately.

This move was a bit of a surprise but made sense considering the Royals surplus of bullpen arms at the moment. This deal helps guys like Randy Rosario who is out of options and Richard Lovelady who has loads of potential and has had success at every level except for the majors. It also helps a guy like Gabe Speier who was up with the team last year for a bit.

Many people are calling this deal a win or even a steal Royals considering what Tim Hill has been. This is the type of deals the Royals can take a risk on. Cordero is just 25 and Bolaños is even younger coming in at only 23, Hill turned 30 in February.  I see this as a statement by the Royals saying that they trust their young arms 

Cordero is the “centerpiece” of this trade for the Royals. Cordero has had the talent and there was no doubt about that, he just was not able to stay healthy. He has crazy amounts of pop in his bat but luck luster defense which can be fixed hopefully. If he can stay healthy and that’s a big if, the Royals will have definitely won this trade. Dayton Moore says he sees Cordero as one of the future pieces of the outfield which is definitely exciting for Royals fans. Many believe there is untapped potential in Cordero hopefully, the Royals are able to find it.

Bolaños is a guy the Royals think can start or be a power arm in the bullpen. There were rumblings by other writers that were saying Bolaños may end up being better than Hill. Bolaños has only pitched 5 MLB games and wasn’t awfully impressive with a 5.95 ERA but he still is only 23 years old. He was the Padres 16th best prospect and will likely slot in between 15-20 for the Royals. Definitely a good young piece to add.

As for Hill, I have nothing but respect for him. He beat cancer and then became a good reliever down the stretch for the Royals. He was never insanely dominant but he got the job done and I wish him luck in San Diego. 

Trades like this make me worried about the Royals keeping guys like Soler around for the long run but if Dayton Moore believes its whats right I’ll trust him. All in all, I love this move by the Royals.



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