Royals are excited for Patrick Mahomes!

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Remember this date, on July 6th of 2020 the Kansas City Chiefs signed quarterback Patrick Mahomes to a long-term contract extension.
What kind of long-term contract? A 10-year contract extension worth $503 million. Mahomes’ contract passes Angel’s outfielder Mike Trout’s contract of 10-years and $426.5 million by a long shot.
I can guess most Royals fans are glad they didn’t give Eric Hosmer a long-term deal like this. In a tweet today the Royals congratulated Patrick Mahomes on his contract
During this 12-year contract extension, we hope that the Royals and the Chiefs will bring multiple championships to Kansas City. When it comes to contracts for the Royals, I doubt any Royals player will get this type of deal. All this happened on the same day the Royals released their 2020 schedule for the upcoming season. What a great day for sports fans in Kansas City. 
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