Patrick Mahomes now part of Royals’ ownership group

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After signing his massive contract with the Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes decided to get in on the ownership group for the team next door. For Chiefs’ fans and Royals’ fans this shouldn’t come as a surprise. As a kid, Mahomes was around big league clubhouses all the time, with his dad playing for six major league baseball teams. Those teams included the Twins, Red Sox, Mets, Rangers, Cubs and Pirates. Mahomes himself played some baseball, but not professionally. He did however get drafted by the Detroit Tigers in 2014. He decided not to sign with the Tigers and pursued an NFL career. I think it’s safe to say that he made the right career path. Patrick Mahomes’s ownership percentage is unknown at this time. I can guess it’s not that big of a percentage. After becoming a part of the Royals ownership group, Mahomes posted this on Twitter: The Royals themselves posted a tweet on Patrick Mahomes joining the ownership group: Unfortunately for Mahomes and the rest of the ownership group’s first season, owning the Royals didn’t go as planned with the shortened season.

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