Nashville Stars won’t work in the MLB

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Nashville has said for multiple years that they would love an MLB franchise. Who could blame them? There’s no doubt that Nashville can find an ownership group, but there is a question on how Nashville expects to get a team when there are 30 teams in the league. Now back to the ownership question. According to USA Today, if Nashville had an MLB franchise they hope it will be the first African American owned franchise. I think that would be pretty cool. If the MLB did expand to Nashville they would have to expand to other cities. I have a few cities in mind. The first one is Montreal. It’s easy to see why. Montreal had the Expos from 1968 to 2004. People in Montreal want another shot at an MLB franchise. I would give Montreal another franchise before I would give Nashville one because Montreal already has a fanbase. The second city I would choose would be Indianapolis. The reason being is because they are known to draw good crowds to minor league games. They also have more than 2 million people in their metro area. This next one is out of the country. Mexico City is my final option. Their population is 20 million people. That blows away many cities that already have MLB teams. As a Royals fan, I don’t like this because it would mess up the divisions in the league and the playoffs structure. I don’t see the MLB expanding anytime soon either.

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Author: Connor Miller

I am a huge baseball fan, mainly Royals. I love writing baseball articles. I have been a Royals fan since birth. I am hoping to become a sports journalist someday.

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