Is Scott Blewett a starting candidate?

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The Royals have multiple pitchers that could be used as their fifth starter. I can guess most Royals fans are thinking Brady Singer, Glenn Sparkman, Jorge Lopez or even Ian Kennedy, but let’s not forget about Scott Blewett.  Most people think I am off my hinges to put Blewett as a potential starting candidate. Don’t worry, I am thinking clearly. Last season, Blewett played in 18 games with the Storm Chasers. During his 18 games with the Storm Chasers, he made 16 starts. When Blewett started games, his ERA wasn’t pretty. What was his ERA you ask? It was a 8.52 in Omaha and he had a 3.55 era in Northwest Arkansas in five starts. His Triple-A ERA obviously wasn’t pretty, but I still think the Royals should look at him in the rotation in extended spring training. Even if he doesn’t look good in the rotation in spring training, I still think he should start a few games in 2020 for the Royals. I want to get a long look at Blewett as a starter because if he can prove he can be a starter at all, that will tell me that the Royals have options in the future for the rotation or starting depth in Omaha. The Royals have a lot of questions that surround the rotation that have to be answered before the regular season starts.

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