Going back in time with the Royals and Reo Speedwagon

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Back in 1979, Reo Speedwagon made a stop in Kansas City, Missouri. But it wasn’t just any stop because Reo Speedwagon has played multiple shows in Kansas City,  including at Kauffman Stadium. If you ever go or have ever been to an Reo Speedwagon show in Kansas or Kansas City, Reo Speedwagon’s front man Kevin Cronin will say “Reo Speedwagon and the Midwest go back a long way.” And yeah, he’s right. Believe me when I tell you this because I have been to two of their shows, and I wasn’t even born when they were big. Reo Speedwagon recorded an album in Kansas City as well. What was the album you ask? “You Get What You Play For” was the album. Not only do the Royals and Reo Speedwagon go back a long way, but the band has a true love of baseball. Yeah, Kevin Cronin might be a big baseball guy, but unfortunately he’s a fan of Central Division rival Chicago White Sox. And oh, guitarist Dave Amato is a Red Sox fan. How do I know this you might ask? Back in 2017, Reo Speedwagon was a guest on MLB Network’s MLB Central. During their appearance on MLB Central, Cronin shared his favorite baseball memories. Since then, Reo Speedwagon has released multiple albums, including their best selling album Hi Infidelity.  The album features hits like “Keep on Loving You,” and “Take it on the Run.”

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