Don’t forget about Jesse Hahn

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The Royals acquired Jesse Hahn from the Oakland Athletics in 2018. I think that’s a trade Kansas City would love to take back.
Hahn is the last one standing from that trade with the Athletics. Unfortunately for Hahn, he hasn’t been able to stay healthy since arriving in Kansas City. However, I still believe he has a role to play in the 2020 season.
The Royals are still searching for a fifth starter. I believe Hahn should take that spot. Yes, I realize Hahn had a high ERA last season. He isn’t the long-term solution. I believe Hahn could be a starter for a year or two until Brady Singer is ready. Some of you might think Singer is ready to step into the starting role now, but me on the other hand, would put Singer in a bullpen role for the 2020 season. I would rather put Singer in Omaha for the 2020 season, but with the coronavirus, plans obviously changed.
Even though Hahn hasn’t started consistently for a while, I still think he could go pretty deep into games, before the Royals have to rely on the bullpen. I also believe the Royals will have a decent bullpen this year, so we won’t turn off the television when the Royals go into the later innings. As you know, many things can happen this season with the coronavirus spreading like wildfire.
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Author: Connor Miller

I am a huge baseball fan, mainly Royals. I love writing baseball articles. I have been a Royals fan since birth. I am hoping to become a sports journalist someday.

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